Employers and Sample Job Ads

Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical, and Environmental Employers

There is of course a lot of overlap between categories, so the divisions made below are not perfect ...

Sample job ads are also sometimes listed - not that these are necessarily still current, but it gives an idea of what may be possible.

Geophysical Data Acquisition

  • Pyramid Geophysical Services (Near-surface geophysical imaging for geological, hydrological, environmental, etc., applications). Located in North Carolina.

  • VistaClara | Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of aquifers. Direct detection of water, estimation of aquifer properties (e.g., porosity)

General Consulting

Hydrological, environmental, geotechnical, etc.

  • TriHydro | Environmental Engineering Consulting. San Luis Obispo & elsewhere.

  • ENGEO | Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting.

  • NV5 | Environmental and hydrological consulting

  • Cleath-Harris Geologists

    • Primarily hydrogeology consulting. San Luis Obispo.