California Professional Geologist Licensure Information


Obtaining a Professional Geologist License is a great accomplishment. The rewards are many:

  • You can make a significantly higher salary

  • You can work on and be in charge of more types of projects - you have signing authority

  • It is easier to change jobs, or start your own business in geologic consulting.

The requirements are (1) the appropriate education: sufficient units in geology overall and within specified topics, and (2) sufficient work experience under other licensed professional geologists.

At Cal Poly, the Geology Concentration is designed to get you the appropriate education.

Below are links to details about the entire process including the exams.

  • Don't be shy about coming to see any of the geology faculty to go over the educational requirements. The Geology Concentration is designed to satisfy the educational requirements, but it is always helpful to go over things.

  • Note that work experience does not start to accumulate until your educational background meets the educational conditions. This means: Study geology now! You'll enjoy it, anyway.

2020-02-11 PG Talk at Cal Poly by Laurie Raca

We just had a talk on campus about the Professional Geologist "PG" Licensure system in California:

Information for the Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists

Laws and Regulations page of the BPELSG. Lots of useful links here.

Here is a key document from the links above: Regulations Relating to the Practices of Geology and Geophysics (Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 3000-3067).

  • This link should open a PDF in your browser (you can download it if you want to). Beginning on Page 7 (Section 3022) the Education Requirements are defined, followed by the Experience requirements.

Other Relevant Links

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