California Professional

Geologist Licensure

Obtaining a Professional Geologist (PG) License

Becoming a PG is a great accomplishment and there are many rewards:

  • You can make a significantly higher salary.

  • You can work on, and have greater responsibility for, a greater variety of projects.

  • It is easier to change jobs, or start your own business in geologic consulting.


  • Appropriate education: sufficient units in geology overall and within specified topics.

  • Sufficient work experience under other licensed professional geologists.

    • Note that work experience does not start to accumulate until your educational background meets the educational conditions. This means: Study geology now! You'll enjoy it, anyway.

  • Passing the California state Professional Geologist Exam

At Cal Poly, the Geology Concentration is designed to satisfy

the educational requirements for obtaining a PG license

Useful Links Relating to Professional Geologist Licensure

Here is the key document: "Regulations Relating to the Practices of Geology and Geophysics" (Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 3000-3067). Beginning on Page 8 (Section 3022) the Education requirements are defined, followed by the Experience requirements.

Note: Reading through the legalese of these documents can be kind of a slog.

If you have questions please email Cal Poly Geology